Our society has a long and inspiring history- what started off as a small Edinburgh University Tibetan Tea Society has taken turns through many paths and have now matured into Scotland's biggest campaigning chapter for the Tibetan freedom movement.
Past members of EUTS have achieved major actions, one example being the 'One World, One Dream, Free Tibet' banner drop outside the Beijing National Olympic Stadium during the Beijing Olympics of 2008. This action, as part of Students for a Free Tibet, received world-wide media attention and achieved the goal of highlighting China's worsening human rights issues in Tibet. EUTS continue to inspire a new generation of freedom fighters to this day.

One World. One Dream. Free Tibet.
In the more recent academic years of 2012-2013, we have continued to build an even stronger movement on our campus and around Scotland. During this time we had organised countless demonstrations and actions, including the annual March 10th Uprising Day Demonstrations, as well as hosting the Students for a Free Tibet UK conference and setting up a Cross-Party Group on Tibet in the Scottish Parliament. To read more about our past events and what we have achieved last academic year, click here.
In the summer of 2012, we had the privilege in having a private audience with H.H. Dalai Lama, whilst he was on his 'Be the Change' UK tour to encourage youth across Britain to consider their potential as decisive catalysts for peace through dialogue.

The summer of 2013 was a new milestone for the society as members decided to take a huge 6 week trip to Dharamsala, India (click here to read our blog). We traveled to the seat of the Tibetan government and the heart of the Tibetan freedom movement in exile. Here we undertook a program set up by Students for a Free Tibet India, who gave us an in depth experience into the reality of the issues affecting Tibet today, and how we can take effective action back home in Scotland. We were blessed to meet so many inspirational leaders of the Tibetan struggle, and have gained more inspiration and determination for the cause than ever before.

We have achieved so much throughout the years, but we have even more, and even bigger things planned for the coming years. In the words of Palden Gyatso- 'Our collective will to resist is like a fire that cannot be put out'. Join now and come make history as part of Edinburgh University Tibet Society.

Former Presidents of EUTS (from 2011):

Mia Hadrill (2011-2012)
Amie Robertson (2012-2013)
Takuji Usui (2013-2014)

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